Patrick Brennan's Work History

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Work History Overview

  • Date:8/14 - Present
  • Type:Education
  • Title:Lead UI/UX Designer
  • Status:Full Time
  • Location:McHenry IL.

Follett brought me on as their Lead UI/UX Designer to turn around the UI front-end of their application and work with the UX designers to help improve usability. My daily duties include working with the UX team to help them improve the visual layout and usability of the application. Guide the developers to make sure standards are in place for the HTML and CSS. I pair with the developers to show them the best practices when working with Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design, LESS/SCSS and CSS. I also guide the BA’s and the QA team in the best practices for ADA Compliance.

  • Date:4/13 - 8/13
  • Type:Transportation
  • Status:UI/UX Consultant
  • Location:Gainesville, FL.

InfoTech brought me on as a UI Web Designer to design the front-end of their transportation application for the Department of Transportation. My daily duties include, using Bootstrap and LESS for the layout, work with the developers to clean up the HTML structure and work with the BA's/QA team to improve usability.

  • Date:12/2011 - 7/2012
  • Type:Ecommerce
  • Status:UI/UX Consultant
  • Location:Lincolnshire, IL.

Quill hired me to design their new website through my CSS skills. Once the pages were created, it was my job to make sure the CSS pages, the sprite images and the ASPX pages were optimized. I worked closely with the QA team to test the pages across multiple browsers (IE6, 7, 8, 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and to make sure the pages were consistent throughout the website. I also designed many of the graphics on the website and used sprite techniques to keep them organized, which helped keep the website optimized. After the website was completed, I worked closely with business to help develop new pages or to help rework pages for the website through Photoshop comps, wireframes or static webpages.

  • Date:1/2011 - 10/2011
  • Type:Finance
  • Status:UI/UX Consultant
  • Location:Milwaukee, WI.

I was brought into FIS to turnaround the visual look of their banking software for their various clients. I reworked and optimized most of their CSS and ASPX pages to give it a more consistent look and feel. I also worked closely with their business and QA teams to help improve the usability and test the application across multiple browsers. After one month, my project manager extended my job duties to include being in charge of the front-end and to overlook the CSS before developers checked in their work.

  • Date:9/2009 - 5/2010
  • Type:Finance
  • Status:UI/UX Consultant
  • Location:O'Fallon, MO.

I was brought in to help design different moduals of their application. I would be given Use Cases from the BA's and would design the HTML structure based on the requirements. I would then create wireframes for the BA's to help guide them through the whole usability process.

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