Patrick Brennan's Design Work

I will move anywhere to work for you - Have truck will pack and be there by Monday

Web Designs Overview

Creating unique professional websites have been a passion of mine. I enjoy sitting down with people and showing them how I can incorporate their ideas, along with mine, into a unique professional website that reflects their business. There's nothing more fulfilling than watching a web design come to life and then watch the people's faces light up as I present the website.

  • Web Techniques
    • Semantic HTML
    • ADA Compliance
    • Responsive
    • Lean CSS
  • Web Frameworks
    • Bootstrap
    • Foundation
    • Material Design

Web Templates

Here are some web templates I've created using the CSS table-less design technique. These are only images but I can supply the HTML and CSS versions of each thumbnail in the interview.

Banner Designs

Here are some banners examples I created using Photoshop. These banners were created using various Photoshop techniques such as masking, shadows, filter blurs and filter noise.

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