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About Patrick Brennan

I will move anywhere to work for you - Have truck will pack and be there by Monday.

Personal Overview

I'm originally from Wisconsin and have been in the computer world since 1995. I started out as an online gamer playing the game Doom with my cousins and friends through the modem and we worked our way to the online multiplayer games. It was then that I realized my true calling and computer work became a passion of mine so I started to learn how to create graphics and how to design webpages.

Back in 1997, I ventured out into the corporate world accepting different multimedia positions in South Florida, where I learned many techniques as a graphic artist, web designer, web animator and desktop publisher.

After being laid-off in the summer of 2002, I came back to Wisconsin to pursue an education. At the end of 2005, I graduated from Fox Valley Technical College with two Associate of Applied Science Degrees and graduated with honors. In one degree, Web Development, I learned many more techniques in the art of web design and web optimization. In the other degree, Systems Analyst, I learned how to create programs in VB.Net with SQL Databases and how to manage projects from start to finish.

Since graduation, I incorporated what I learned and implemented my knowledge into the various multimedia projects I completed and the employment opportunities I've had. I quickly progressed into an accomplished UI/UX Designer and Graphic Artist.

Utilizing the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as a resource, I'm was able to expand my knowledge of writing semantically correct HTML elements and increase my knowledge of ADA Standards.