Patrick Brennan's Online Resume

I will move anywhere to work for you - Have truck will pack and be there by Monday.


I'm a highly motivated, creative and intuitive UI/UX Designer with over twenty years of experience in graphic design, web development, desktop publishing and computers. An energetic self-starter with excellent analytical, organizational and creative skills seeking a challenging multimedia/computer position in the web/computer field.

Designing webpages and graphic's became a huge passion for me after designing my first webpage. Working in the many diverse types of companies has also made me a well rounded designer. I have worked in such fields as finance, insurance, eCommerce and education to name a few.

Technical Overview

This website was designed using Material Design lite, SCSS and the skills I have acquired throughout the decades. It is responsive so if you don't want to view this site on a mobile device, just change the width of your browser down to a mobile size and you will notice that the site is fluid and designed for mobile devices.